Tennis Performance Training Webinar at Precision Athletica

Tennis Performance Webinar

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Tennis has significantly evolved in the last 30 years, with the modern player now required to be highly mobile and physical. Players need to use to their legs to create power, they need to be able to get low to shots, move quickly in all directions, hold good posture through their strokes and be able to react quickly to get into position.

In this Tennis Performance Webinar, Precision Athletica’s Head Exercise Physiologist and Certified Tennis Performance Specialist – Jason Oei, provided an easy to understand introduction to:

  • The most important aspects of off-court training
  • What are the common weaknesses and injuries seen in developing players 
  • Simple tennis specific changes to your training program that will generate the biggest results
  • How to improve your off-court Tennis training from home

DATE HELD: Thursday, 14th May 2020

DURATION: 40 minutes

Tennis Performance Coach Jason Oei

Jason Oei – Head of Tennis Performance

Located at Precision Athletica in Sydney, and being a competitive tennis player himself, Jason has an intimate understanding of the game, it’s challenges and the physical and mental requirements needed to unlock a players full potential.

A Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) from the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA), Jason works with many Professional, Elite and Aspiring Tennis players, combining his knowledge for the game with his expertise in physical development, movement patterns, biomechanics, joint instability and effective training to correct muscle imbalances, all to benefit athletic performance.