Athlete Sponsorship Webinar

Athlete Sponsorship Webinar

Athlete Sponsorship Webinar

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Reaching the top in your chosen sport can be an expensive journey and many young athletes would benefit from gaining additional support and sponsorship. So, how do you go about achieving that and as an emerging talent, how do you market and set yourself apart from your competition?

In this Athlete Sponsorship Webinar, Precision Athletica’s Chief Commercial Officer and Founder of Athlete Mktg – Jon Perkins, provided an invaluable introduction to:

  • Athlete Marketing 101
  • Common sponsorship mistakes
  • Creating your own athlete brand
  • How to get yourself sponsored
  • Two critical methods guaranteed to increase your chances of sponsorship

DATE HELD: Thursday, 4th June 2020

DURATION: 50 minutes

Athlete Sponsorship and Marketing professional Jon Perkins

Jon Perkins – Chief Commercial Officer

A sponsorship and digital marketing specialist, Jon harboured early aspirations of being a professional golfer, before a chance introduction to sports management enabled him to find a greater passion in the business side of sport.

Experienced working in partnerships with many national sporting organisations and leading commercial brands such as Lexus and Under Armour, Jon has also led some of Australia’s biggest sports websites and worked alongside multiple Olympic and Professional athletes, including time spent working for pro golfer, Adam Scott.