Golf Performance Training


Precision Athletica is widely regarded as the home of Golf Performance Training and Golf Injury Management in NSW. Home to the Golf NSW High Performance program and with close links to Golf Australia and the Australian PGA, we have a track record that is unmatched and unique in that our services are available to every age and ability of golfer.

Golf Performance Training

Precision Athletica is the NSW leader in Golf Physiotherapy, Strength Training and Performance.

Overseen by NSW Golf Fitness Trainer of The Year – Nils Hestermann, the Golf NSW High-Performance Squad hosted at Precision Athletica has seen unprecedented success since working with our team of sports performance experts.

Along with the state team, we also work on a daily basis with multiple PGA Tour Professionals, Jack Newton Junior Golf development teams, elite and aspiring amateurs and keen golfers of all ages who are seeking to get the most enjoyment possible from playing the game.

View this video to take a look at the type of golf performance services available to all golfers who train with Precision Athletica, services that have helped Grace Kim to become the Youth Olympic Games Champion.

Golf Performance Services

To help amateur and competitive-level golfers improve their results, we focus on:

  • Physical Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Education

Taking a multi-faceted approach allows us to focus on your entire athletic performance and technique to give you better results on the course.

Our preferred approach involves liaising with your coach and support team to plan your physical and technical development in line with your technique work and playing schedule, this way we truly work towards helping you to reach your goals in the fastest and most optimised way. Maximise your playing time with reduced downtime due to injury and improve your consistency by improving your physical performance.

Golf Screenings

We assist golfers who wish to optimise their performance and minimise their risk of injury by performing a comprehensive, golf specific assessment and development of an individualised program to address specific deficits.

This screening is suitable for golfers who are interested in optimising their performance, wish to prevent injury or have a past history of injury.

After your screening, we can discuss a tailored program to help you get better results.

For golfers who are looking to go even further and get a very high level insight into their golf swing and physical capabilities, we also have a Swing Catalyst Assessment which uses our top of the range Swing Catalyst force plate and high-speed cameras to get a unique insight into how you move and generate power during a golf shot.

To see more about this assessment, please watch the following video:

Golf Injury Recovery

Precision Athletica also offers rehabilitation for golfers who have current injuries.

Our assessment and treatment program is suitable for golfers who:

  • Are currently unable to play or playing with a degree of pain or dysfunction which is affecting their game
  • Have injuries or pain unrelated to golf, but want to be treated by someone who understands the need to get back to golf asap!

Recover faster and get back on the course thanks to treatment from golf-injury specialists.

How To Work With Precision Athletica

The golf performance and injury management services at Precision Athletica are available to any golfer no matter their age or ability.

If you have never worked with our team before, we suggest booking an initial golf screening, which will cover in detail your:

  • Physical history
  • Goals
  • Current performance level
  • Introduction to us and our suggested path forwards

If you have any questions, or would like to book a session with us, be it an initial golf screening or any of our other detailed assessments, please call our centre on: 02 9764 5787 or email us:

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