Empowering Your Child with Game-Changing Speed, Agility, Strength, and Power for Unparalleled Sporting Success.

Our Junior Development Program, we prioritise the creation of adaptable athletes by building strong foundations in strength, power, and speed. Our approach not only extends their athletic journey, keeping them engaged and active in physical activity, but also ensures the development of robust athletes, reducing the risk of future injuries.

Who We Work With

Our Vision

Looking to create an optimal training environment for young athletes, our Junior Development Program offers a comprehensive approach to nurture the next generation of elite competitors.

We understand that parents want the best for their children, and we aim to provide this by giving juniors the opportunities and tools they need to grow and succeed. The program individualises training to cater for different stages of growth and development.

During their teenage years, juniors experience significant growth spurts, resulting in greater physical demands on their bodies. With this in mind, our Junior Development Program is designed to guide juniors and parents through the different stages of development, helping them to build a foundation of strength, power and speed.

Through tailored screening and individualised training, our program focuses on improving movement patterns, coordination, strength, power and speed. Our expert team at Precision Athletica provides athletes with an environment that fosters an athlete’s mindset through education and interaction. By maximising athletic potential both physically and mentally, our program gives young athletes every chance to achieve their long-term sporting goals.

Join our Junior Development Program today and give your child the best possible chance to succeed.

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What’s Involved

The Journey Starts Here

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Schedule a discovery call with Justin Trang, Head of Junior Development to discuss your child’s training history, schedule and goals.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We will screen your child to assess their growth and maturation, level of physical development and emotional ability to interact with our program. This ensures that we are able to customise your child’s journey specifically to their needs when they join the program.


We establish small training squads so that your child can come in and train with athletes of similar development levels. All programs are individualised and delivered under the watchful eye of our Junior Development Coaches.

Meet the Head of Junior Development

Justin Trang Sydney Exercise Physiologist


I have worked in the Junior Athletic Development space for over 10 years, first starting in football coaching before moving to Precision Athletica to work closely with over 150 junior athletes across 42 different sports.

As an Exercise Physiologist by trade I have always looked for ways to put more detail into our services to make sure we develop our athletes with the most up to date research and methods possible.

The Junior Development Program we have established is quite simple: 

  • What are the physical characteristics we want to see in our elite athletes?
  • Where is my junior athlete currently at?
  • What is the roadmap for their physical development in order to get them ready for future success?

If you are looking to invest in your child to increase their long-term performance, reduce injury risk and looking for a team who will heavily invest their time and effort in your child, you’ve found the right place!


Joining The Program

We have various options to suit your goals and commitments:

Junior Athlete

Quarterly Testing and Progress report
1 Training Session
Nutrition Online Course
Access to Parent Onboarding Seminar/Webinar
Biannual Athlete Review with head of Junior Development
($30) Junior Athlete Shirt
($50) Equipment Bag (Miniband ,Theraband and Foam Roller)

Junior Elite

Quarterly Testing and Progress report
2 Training Sessions
Nutrition Online Course
Access to Parent Onboarding Seminar/Webinar
Biannual Athlete Review with head of Junior Development
Junior Athlete Shirt
Equipment Bag (Miniband ,Theraband and Foam Roller)

All of our Junior Programs run on a term basis to coincide with the school years. When joining the program, juniors need to commit to the full term.

Each term will also include various parent one-on-one’s and seminars.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Junior Program is suitable for any athlete aged 10-15 years old. We also run our advance development program for athletes past this age. You can get in touch with us through our general enquiry on the contact page.

Yes there is car parking inside the centre and externally around Sydney Olympic Park.

No, our message is to allocate an hour or 2 during the week (which is not much compared to how much sport training kids do) to work on general athleticism. Kids can only benefit from becoming more athletic.

The program is a term commitment. You invest money into your child’s development and expect results. In order to get results, they must train consistently. In saying that:

  • Max 2 make up sessions per term
  • All make up sessions must be completed during the same term
  • If your child is unable to train due to injury, the remaining sessions will be coordinated with the JDP and Physio department to get your child back to their sport

Strength development for juniors is largely dependent on their stage of development. Peak height velocity, commonly known as the growth spurt is the period of time when your child experiences their greatest acceleration in growth and stature. The JDP prescribes suitable strength training during specific stages of development.

Prior to peak height velocity, juniors don’t get stronger and faster not through traditional strength methods because their body hasn’t experienced changes associated with their growth spurt. They get stronger through neuromuscular adaptations or moving more efficiently by becoming more coordinated.

Children get stronger and faster by moving more efficiently and not by lifting heavy when they are young. Movement skill development helps to create good athleticism but also stretching the length of their physical development journey so that they have time to master each stage of development.

Speed and agility is definitely integrated into our Junior Development Program. To get faster and more agile, we believe athletes should start working on these movements as early as possible. As a result, depending on their stage of development, we will address speed and agility as we see fit to best progress your child.

We also have school holiday camps which gives athletes the opportunity to get a more intense exposure to speed and agility work without compromising other areas of development.

We place a big emphasis on physical development as that is predominantly the reason parents send their athletes to our facility. However, during their time here, we also address areas around nutrition, recovery, game preparation and developing athlete mindsets. We believe elite sport is more than just the physical. That’s why we have a big team of Exercise Physiologists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Junior Development Coaches, Physiotherapists and Sports Dietitians to develop a holistic athlete