Taking a multi-faceted approach allows Precision Athletica to develop the entire athlete and customise programs to each individual and their sport.


At Precision Athletica, the Sydney sports physios on hand will provide a clear diagnosis of your injury or physical complaint so you can understand what’s causing it.

From there, the priority is to address each of the factors contributing to the injury in the first place. This will help ensure the same injury doesn’t keep coming back or start causing other issues.

Once your injury is resolved, our aim is to help you get the most out of your training and perform better in your chosen sport. Much like a racing car has mechanics to keep it running at its best, our sports physios will be an integral part of your team, working with your other coaches to ensure you are constantly in the best condition to train and compete.


Exercise physiology is the pro-athlete’s secret weapon and is used to solve any biomechanical, movement pattern or stability faults. Your physiologist will help address musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and dysfunction, filling the space between mobility (physiotherapy) and performance (strength and conditioning).

The result of this attention to detail is a keen awareness of your body’s movement patterns plus an understanding of how to avoid serious injury and perform at your best.


Strength & Conditioning forms an integral component of Precision Athletica’s service to athletes.

Our in-house trainers focus on supporting and facilitating the training and competition performance of our athletes in a way that optimises performance and minimises the risk of injury.

Each athlete’s programs are tailored to meet their specific needs. All programs designed and implemented by Strength & Conditioning staff are based on consultation with coaches, sports scientists and sports medicine staff.


If you’re putting 100% into your training and recovery without being mindful of what you’re feeding your body, chances are you’re not maximising your athletic potential.

Making smart nutrition choices can be the critical factor determining whether you reach your body composition, strength, performance and recovery goals.

How athletes fuel themselves is a major component of the Precision Athletica model. Our team of dietitians will educate and guide you in developing sustainable nutrition choices that will help you achieve your athletic goals, reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery.


It takes an integrated approach for top athletes to reach peak performance. With the help of the team at Precision Athletica, you can improve your results in competition and achieve your goals.

Before you get started, let’s have a chat to find out how we can help you recover from injury, build your fitness and achieve your next personal best.

Based at Sydney’s Olympic Park Athletic Centre in Homebush, we work with elite athletes, young sportspeople and weekend warriors who want to see how far they can go in their chosen sport.

Our 15-minute discussion will cover:

✓ Your goals as an athlete and how you plan to achieve them

✓ How to recover from and prevent injury

✓ How to make small improvements which can compound for remarkable success

✓ The role nutrition plays in building your strength as an athlete

✓ Why post-workout recovery is the most underused and underrated performance-enhancing agent

✓ How our services can help you achieve more from every training session