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How our physios can help

When you go to see a physio, most likely you’re going because you’re injured and in pain. Initial pain relief is the priority. But for Precision Physios, this is just the start.

At Precision Athletica we have musculoskeletal pyhsios and sports physios on hand to give you a clear diagnosis of the condition, in order for you to understand exactly what is going on. From there, the priority is to address each of the causative factors contributing to the injury in the first place. This will help ensure that same injury doesn’t keep coming back, and doesn’t cause any other issues.

The aim is to help you get the most out of your training and perform better in your chosen sport.

Engineering Australia’s Future Elite Athletes

What to expect from our sports focus physios

1. Local assessment

We assess the local area of the injury initially to give you a clear diagnosis. We help you understand your condition so you know the best way to manage it.

2. Regional examination

Injuries don’t just happen out of the blue. We understand the reasons why your injury has happened and assess the other segments around your injury (e.g. if you have a knee injury, we’ll look at your feet, ankles and hips) to identify why this happened in the first place.

3. Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The SFMA is from the US, and is used to assess the whole body’s capacity for and quality of movement. This is the zoomed-out picture, to capture what other underlying issues are present, even if they haven’t caused pain for you yet.

We use the SFMA to give you a score for the MOBILITY tier of the PRECISION PERFORMANCE PYRAMID.