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Bec Beuk



Growing up very active, Bec always knew she wanted to work with athletes. As a physiotherapist, Bec appreciates the lifestyle our athletes live and wants to contribute by treating, managing and preventing injuries. Bec thrives off learning from, and working with the rest of the team (EP, S&C, & coaches) to give our athletes the highest level of care, giving them the best chance to perform well and succeed.

In her adult years, Becs passion has been towards Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training & competing. Her training and extra course work in sports physiotherapy, allows Bec to look at the big picture – the whole body and how our athletes move. Bec believes knowledge is power and if we can identify poor movement patterns and then teach our athletes how they can be moving better, they will be safe and set up for success in whatever form of training they do.

5 questions to get to know Bec better?

Favourite Sports Team: I love DOING sport but can’t sit down long enough to watch it, so I can’t commit to a favourite 
Sporting Highlight: Jiu Jitsu World Championships 2019 in LA!
If she wasn’t a physiotherapist she would be: I would love to love IT or something I can do from home or anywhere in the world…. but I just don’t
Family: 4 siblings, a husband, and a dog
Guilty Pleasure: Whittakers Dark Choc Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate