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How understanding Sports Science testing can help Maximise your performance

VO2max testing

Do you want to get more out of your training?

Are you looking for a competitive edge?

VO2max is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness, and Precision Athletica now brings you CardioCoach technology to ensure you’re training at your full potential, to achieve your goals.

Metabolic testing

During metabolic testing, you will breathe through a mouth-piece for approximately 5min, to measure your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, giving you a picture of your metabolic rate, including whether you’re burning more fat or more carbohydrate. Your results will be compared to normal or expected values, and you will be given individual recommendations to correct any results outside of the norm.

Heart rate variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the normal variation in time periods between heartbeats. Being able to measure your HRV gives a good indication of how well recovered you are after training, to avoid over-training, which may be associated with increased risk of injury, and poor performance.

Isokinetic strength testing

We use a Kinitech isokinetic system to identify asymmetries between muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps to hip flexor ratio, glute to hamstring ratio, bicep to tricep ratio) to tailor your training program, restoring balance to these muscle groups.

Biomechanical assessment

We use the Optogait system combined with video analysis of walking and running to analyse your gait. During analysis, we can identify factors affecting your gait, in order to come up with a plan to address these issues. Improving your gait can improve your efficiency during walking and running, to assist your sporting performance. We also use video analysis to capture your gait, and other movements specific to your sport and/ or position. With this information, we can target your problem areas, and design interventions to address your specific needs.