Athlete Testing

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Athlete Testing

Holistic approach to profiling an athlete. Testing includes Aerobic Capacity Testing, Skin Folds, and Trunk & Lower Body Strength Assessments. The battery of testing provides not only an individualised pace and heart rate guide for training but also a profile on physical strength and dietary weaknesses that need to be addressed away from running to optimise overall running performance.

What is this assessment?

Athlete Testing takes a holistic approach in screening athletes. It involves assessing:

  • Body composition with skinfold testing which provides information on how to target nutrition to improve performance.
  • Lower body strength and trunk strength assesses an athlete’s ability to absorb running landing forces and produce optimal force to propel the body forward. It will also highlight areas of weakness that may lead to an increased risk of injury in the future.
  • Aerobic Capacity testing to assess the athlete’s running performance on the treadmill

Duration: 2.0 hours

Who is this assessment designed for?

This assessment is designed for distance runners looking for a holistic approach to improving aerobic performance. It provides athletes with baseline measures for strength training and body composition and allows us to assist them in total athletic improvement during and away from running.

What do I get out of this assessment?


Summary report with comparison to testing history


Individualised running pace and heart rate training zones


Summary of body composition and comparison to previous tests


Highlight areas of physical weakness to address in strength training

If you still have questions about this assessment, you can either call the centre above, or email our Exercise Physiologist Justin Trang.