Justin Trang

Justin Trang Sydney Exercise Physiologist

Justin Trang

Head of Junior Development


Justin is an Exercise Physiologist with over 5 years of experience in the Junior Development Space. Starting in football coaching and slowly progressing into the private sector working closely with over 150 junior athletes across 42 different sports at Precision Athletica and now placing his mark on the junior program as Head of Junior Development. 

Justin’s coaching philosophy is “Athlete adaptability”. 

Putting emphasis on movement pattern efficiency, strength development and his belief in long term athlete development helps him in developing robust athletes who will adapt to their sporting environments and sporting demands.

His holistic approach to athletic performance in maximising physical development, recovery, nutrition and education empowers athletes to strive for the highest level of performance.

5 questions to get to know Justin better?

Favourite Sports Team: Sydney Swans
Sport: Currently an active Triathlete in Ironman 70.3
Sporting Highlight: Diving into the sport of triathlon and finishing a half ironman as my first ever race
Guilty Pleasure: Cheesecake