Lockdown Nutrition

Lockdown Nutrition

How to Nail Your Nutrition in Lockdown

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Lockdown is hard, it’s unfamiliar and it impacts many aspects of our lives and health, one of them being our diet and nutrition. It can be difficult to avoid comfort eating or picking up bad habits, as we spend all day cooped in our homes with not a lot to do.

In this Lockdown Nutrition webinar, Sports Dietitian – Maddy Eager provided some invaluable advice in regards to basic good nutrition practices, offer up some awesome tips to help with your routine and answer all of the most common questions that we’ve been hearing asked. Roughly, Maddy covered:

  • Rapid Fire – Nutrition 101 Basics
  • How to build a balanced meal
  • Great snack options during lockdown
  • Fitting good nutrition into your lockdown routine

DATE HELD: Friday, 13th August 2021

DURATION: 40 minutes

Maddy Eager Sydney Dietitian

Maddy Eager – Sports Dietitian

Maddy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian from Sydney.

She has worked as a clinical dietitian in Newcastle as well as a Sports Dietitian to optimise
game day nutrition with the Sydney Swans.

Along with her time as a practicing dietitian, Maddy has also conducted research through the University of Wollongong focusing heavily on the importance of collaboration and multidisciplinary care to achieve the best outcome for clients.