This January, Precision Athletica is offering parents the opportunity to elevate and enhance your children’s athletic performance and potential, by entering them into a holiday camp unlike anything you will likely find elsewhere.

Designed and run by our high-performance coaches, this one week camp will be focused on developing speed and agility – traits that are vital for virtually all sports played.

The camp will expose young sportspeople to the knowledge, experience and techniques used to mould world champion athletes, all in a supportive, inclusive and fun environment.

Tennis Training

Camp overview…

Jan 14th – 17th: Introduction to Speed & Agility Training

  • Learn how to move like an athlete
  • 10am – 2pm daily
  • Open to all sportspeople aged 10 and over

Applicable to all sports, this one week camp has been designed to focus on improving overall athletic performance and providing education to the young athletes about how to utilise various training methods to enhance their own performance.

Registration includes lunch and refreshments, along with access to each day of the one week camp.

For more information about the week, inclusions, pricing and registrations, please click on the camp link below:

If you have specific questions about the camp, would like to speak to one of our coaches and event organisers, or indeed you’re ready to make your booking in person, please contact Jackson Privett:

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