Jackson Privett

Jackson Privett | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Precision Athletica

Jackson Privett

Strength & Conditioning


Growing up, Jackson competed in a variety of sports including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming and Cricket. However, it wasn’t until he started training in a gym setting whilst competing that he realised the importance of physical preparation and training in translating to better sporting performance.

His experience working with athletes has only furthered his belief of the importance of physical preparation in developing robustness and longevity in an athlete, with the ability to solve a multitude of scenarios, both physical and mental, that arise within competition and the ability to repeat this for long periods of time with decreased risk of setbacks or injury.

Jackson believes in the development of a well-rounded athlete, one who is proficient in expressing qualities of Speed, Power, Strength, Control and Movement Literacy within their sport but also one who displays strong character in their actions outside of competition and a willingness to get better. Most importantly though, Jackson believes that such training should be both competitive and enjoyable for the athlete.

Along with his role at Precision Athletica, Jackson is also the current Head Strength & Conditioning for the Wests Tigers Academy in the NRL Youth system.

5 questions to get to know Jackson better?

Favourite Sports Teams: Tottenham Hotspur (Soccer), Canterbury Bulldogs (Rugby League), New Orleans Saints (NFL), Phoenix Suns (NBA), St Kilda FC (AFL)
Sporting Highlight: Own sporting highlight – Touring Canada and Asia for Rugby and winning Grand Finals in multiple sports
Coaching highlight – Making the New South Wales Rugby League finals for the first time in 4 years with minimal injuries throughout the season
Favourite Book: Conscious Coaching – Brett Bartholomew
Next life goal: Buy our first property with my partner Steph
Guilty Pleasure: Greek food