Athlete Stats Cards by Precision Athletica

We work with a wide variety of sportspeople at Precision Athletica and no matter their age, ability or sport of choice, we want to celebrate the great progress that they are making and with that in mind we have developed our own exclusive Athlete Stats Cards.

These cards are unique to Precision Athletica and will be a custom reward for our elite athletes and members to celebrate the progress that they have made whilst training with us.

Athlete Stats Cards by Precision Athletica

With such a wide variety of sportspeople training at Precision Athletica, there is no set approach to helping them develop and reach their goals, as such you will see on the athlete stats cards that we choose to highlight a variety of measures.

Our goal is to help people to achieve their goals no matter what they are, and in doing that we tailor programs and our approach to the athlete – there is no one size that fits all.

Amar Hadid Skateboard

When athletes first come to work with us at Precision Athletica, we sit down to get a detailed understanding of the persons, history, goals, current schedule and training approach. 

Next we go through a series of the most relevant physical assessments in order to get a more detailed picture of the persons current limitations, strengths and training proficiencies.

From here we are able to begin to formulate an individualised plan. 

In creating a plan, we make sure to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders i.e. the athlete, coaches, family etc. 

Again everyone is different and sometimes this is just a plan created with the person and might be as simple as returning to regular exercise, or it could include a larger group for more elite athletes.

Within a good athlete plan is always a clear set of goals, both larger long term goals and smaller ones broken up over a series of short term training blocks.

Having these goals allows us to measure the journey and ensure that we’re all staying on track along the way. 

If you’re training without a clear plan, you’re leaving a lot to chance when it comes to achieving your goals.

Sebastian Twaddell Golf

Whilst our Athlete Stats Cards won’t tell you what the athletes plan is, nor will they explain how we go about achieving the goals of our athletes, they will give you a snapshot of how the athletes are making great progress towards their long term goals.

Make sure to keep and eye on the Precision Athletica social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to see the Precision Athletica Athlete Stats Cards in full. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can work with us at Precision Athletica, please read on…

In-house we offer services in areas such as:

Some people will come to work with us in just one or two of these areas and others will trust their development to us and utilise a combination of all of the services available at Precision Athletica.

So, when asked the question how to get started with Precision Athletica, we’d suggest you reach out to us to say hello!

In order to help answer many of your likely questions and to provide you with a clear explanation and suggested starting point, we not so long ago introduced free 15 minute strategy calls.

These calls are with our team and are aimed at helping to make it as easy as possible for you to decide if Precision Athletica is a good fit for you or not.

To schedule a call, simply click the button above and then:

  • Scroll down to the calendar section
  • Click of a day that might suit you for a call
  • Select the time you wish to book
  • Confirm with your email and phone number

On the day and time of your choosing, one of our team members will call you and the rest should be plain sailing.

Who knows, you might be one of the next people to be featured in your own exclusive Precision Athletica Athlete Stats Card!

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