How to Get Started With Precision Athletica

Fortunately a question that we’ve heard a lot recently, is how to get started with Precision Athletica and who is suited to training with us.

The short answer is that anyone who is passionate about achieving their goals or working with highly experienced industry professionals, is suited to working with us at Precision Athletica.

Our aim is to provide the same type of training environment and services that elite professional athletes have, but make this available to all ages and abilities of sportspeople.

Get started with Precision Athletica

We do work with Olympic athletes and Professionals, we also work with a lot of juniors, beginners and pretty much everyone in between, so in effect, if you are serious about a goal no matter how big or small it is, we’re very much suited to you!

How we work with people and the advice and pathway that we suggest is different for everyone, because no two people are the same. We do not have a one size fits all approach, however we try to provide the same knowledge and experience to all who come to see us.

In-house we offer services in areas such as:

Some people will come to work with us in just one or two of these areas and others will trust their development to us and utilise a combination of all of the services available at Precision Athletica.

So, when asked the question how to get started with Precision Athletica, we’d suggest you reach out to us to say hello!

In order to help answer many of your likely questions and to provide you with a clear explanation and suggested starting point, we not so long ago introduced free 15 minute strategy calls.

These calls are with our team and are aimed at helping to make it as easy as possible for you to decide if Precision Athletica is a good fit for you or not.

To schedule a call, simply click the button above and then:

  • Scroll down to the calendar section
  • Click of a day that might suit you for a call
  • Select the time you wish to book
  • Confirm with your email and phone number

On the day and time of your choosing, one of our team members will call you and the rest should be plain sailing. 

If you’ve heard great things about us, seen our athletes and members excelling or just follow us online and are curious about what we do, we highly recommend you book a free 15 minute call with us, you’ve literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you have any questions and do not wish to book a full call, you are also welcome to either call or email our Customer Support Team:

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