Why Weight Training Is a Must for Tennis Players

In a previous blog, I outlined the importance of off-court training for Tennis players. In today’s post, I want to delve more into Weight Training in Tennis, and how this type of training adds so much benefit for tennis players on court performance.

Generally speaking, weight training increases the strength of muscles for athletes to be able to perform their sport specific movements more athletically.

However, what can weight training do specifically for a person’s Tennis game?

Weight Training in Tennis

4 Reasons to Weight Train in Tennis:

1. Reduce Injury Risk

As said in my previous blog, tennis is an extremely physical and repetitive sport. A well-designed weight training program can boost a player’s physical capacity so that they are able to tolerate the physical load from training and competition day in and day out. 

2. Improving Power in Forehands, Backhands and Serves

Weight training when maximising the speed of the lift is also known as power training.

Players that are able to use their legs, can maximise their stroke power. However, there are also occasions when players must be able to create power in their shots when the are off balance or in defensive mode so that they are able to stay in the point.

3. Improving Muscular Endurance

In contrast to power training, muscular endurance training relates to being able to lift weights for longer periods of time. Improving this aspect can help with maintaining a high level of performance during long, gruelling matches. 

4. Weight Training Doesn’t Always Mean Lifting Dumbells and Barbells

While typical weight training exercises such as squats, lunges, bench press and rows are important inclusions for a tennis weight training program, sport specific movement training using weights is also highly encouraged.

Throwing med-balls, jumping boxes and pushing sleds are just some of the other forms of weight training that are designed to maximise on court performance.

So, Where to From Here?

Speak to your coach to find out areas of your game that need to be developed off-court. From there you can set appropriate goals, seek the best trainers and start to put in place a plan individualised to you and your successful development.

Should you have any questions, our wish to come in and meet our Tennis Performance Trainer Jason Oei, please call us on: 02 9764 5787.

How Do I Book An Appointment with Precision Athletica for Help?

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