We work with golfers of all ages and abilities at Precision Athletica, however with so many aspiring to become golf professionals and head out on tour, there is an obvious question that comes up around “What It Takes to Be a PGA Tour Pro”?

To best answer that question, you need to have gone through the journey of aspiring amateur golfer to PGA Tour Professional, and luckily we happen to know a man who has done just that…. Cameron Davis.

In a week when the Australian Open has had to be cancelled for 2020, we’ve been enjoying memories of a pre-Covid time, when Cameron Davis ripped up the form book to beat some of the worlds best players on his way to becoming the Australian Open Champion.

Since then, Cameron has won his way from the Korn Ferry Tour onto the PGA Tour and his name can now regularly be seen in contention on PGA Tour leaderboards. 

So, what does it take to be a PGA Tour pro?

Cameron’s journey featured time playing on the Canadian Tour, the Korn Ferry Tour and via wins on that tour and ultimately success at Tour School, Cameron earned his full playing card for the PGA Tour.

We spoke to Cameron about his experiences. 

What’s the difference between amateur golf and PGA Tour golf?

Work ethic, professionalism and ability all come to mind.

The guys out here are just so much better than what you see on the way up. Not just ability though, the way that they conduct themselves, the level of focus that they have and the ability to keep consistent and not get distracted, is very important.

Whether it’s their gym work, keeping in touch with their trainers and coaches, or even how they get to tournaments and get themselves into routines that will give them the best chance to play good golf, it’s just all so far above what you see at the amateur level. 

You mention gym training – how important is physical training for Golf Pro’s?

Really important. 

Everything works hand in hand to give yourself the best chance to be swinging and playing at your best each week. 

For me I used to get hesitant to lift weights during tournament weeks because I worried about being stiff and sore, but you need to push through that and keep consistent and keep training, otherwise your body will decline and you suddenly won’t be able to hit the shots you could a few weeks earlier.

Strength work is becoming a priority for me.

Advice to Amateur golfers looking to go Pro?

I think amateur golf is underrated, I’d encourage people to stay amateur until they know they have a good number of pro events to play in.

You need to be competing week in week out in order to keep your game at the level it needs to be at, if you turn pro without enough pro tournaments locked in, you’ll find yourself going weeks without serious events to play and that definitely won’t help your game.

The big amateur golf events offer access to good pro events, so aim for those and if you’re good enough you’ll earn the starts you need.

How do you know if you’re ready to turn pro?

The level of play on tour is so high, the pro’s worst rounds are still under par.

In amateur golf, one good round can win you a tournament but in pro events, you need four good rounds to even think about having a chance.

If you can’t shoot 20 under par for a tournament, you pretty much won’t have a chance to win on tour, so make sure that you can shoot consistently low before deciding to turn pro.

For the full interview with PGA Tour player Cameron Davis, see the video above or visit the Precision Athletica YouTube channel.

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