Recently we teamed up with VALD Performance to provide greater in-depth performance analysis for our athletes. In doing so, our coaches are now able to precisely analyse the physical performance attributes of our athletes and make informed decisions from the testing results.

In this article, we’ll briefly outline the new equipment we have available for athlete testing, some practical applications within our facility, the testing outcomes you can expect to get from them and who it might suit.

If at any point throughout the article you get a bit lost or have any questions, feel free to contact us and ask us anything that comes to mind.

Vald Performance

Why the Upgrade

Whilst our current testing battery painted a big picture, we at Precision Athletica wanted to ensure our athletes and customers were provided with an elite athlete experience, and with the advancements in testing and sport science equipment, it only felt right that we upgraded.

The introduction of VALD Performance equipment into our current testing battery gives us a much deeper understanding of our athletes and opens up a range of opportunities for us as coaches to accurately identify specific strengths and weaknesses within each athlete. 

The Force Decks, Force Frame, Nordbord and Human Trak systems from VALD provide in-depth force and movement analysis that allow our coaches to make smarter and more informed programming decisions.

Force Decks

The Force Decks are portable force plate devices that measure the vertical forces applied in jumping, pushing and pulling actions. Traditionally, force plates will be used to assess lower body outputs however there is also opportunity to assess upper body measures, particularly through the shoulder joint.

Vald Performance - Force Deck

From measuring jump height and velocity with a Countermovement Jump test, posterior chain strength with an Isometric Mid Thigh Pull test or ankle stiffness with a Hop Test, the Force Decks are suitable for anyone looking for greater insight into their jumping, sprinting and general lower body strength and explosiveness.

Sports that may benefit from testing with the Force Decks include any sport that requires strong and powerful lower limbs including but not limited to Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and Golf.

Vald Performance - Force Frame

Force Frame

The Force Frame contains four force pads located on its rig that are able to be orientated and placed in a variety of positions. The versatility of the Force Frame allows us to measure force outputs from joint actions in multiple planes.

As many sports are played in a 360 degree manner, it is important to measure joint action strength qualities at various angles. The Force Frame allows us to assess common joint actions such as hip and shoulder abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation as well as sport-specific joint actions. These tests can be applied in both a performance and rehabilitation setting.

Sports that need to assess force outputs with specific movements such as Swimming, Cycling and Archery would benefit from testing with the Force Frame.


The NordBord was developed as a method of assessing hamstring strength and symmetry. Its results can give our coaches insight into not only strength measures but also fatigue monitoring of athletes during high running loads. 

Vald Performance - NordBord

Due to the risk of hamstring injuries when running at high speeds, the need for constant strength and fatigue monitoring can be very important for athletes participating in field, court and track based sports including Rugby, Soccer, Touch Football and Sprinting.

Vald Performance - Human Trak

Human Trak

The Human Trak system is a 3D Motion Tracking system that we can use to objectively measure movement quality of our athletes. The camera system will allow us to assess range of motion, symmetry and capacity of movement for movements fundamental to athletic performance. 

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can gather the data from the Human Trak system to inform decisions in both a performance and rehabilitation setting.

If you would like to know more about our uses of the VALD Performance equipment and how we may apply it to your specific sport, or if you would like to try it out for yourself, please get in touch with us.

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