Tom Roncone

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Tom Roncone

Sports Physiotherapist


Tom brings a great amount of knowledge, experience and understanding of injury rehabilitation to the Precision Athletica team. He has completed a Masters of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and continues to pursue further education.

He believes being a lifelong learner is essential in being able to provide the best possible treatment and experience for the athletes he works with.

Tom has been passionate about sports as both a competitor (soccer, barbell sports and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and a spectator (nearly every sport) his whole life. This passion has been the cornerstone of him becoming a physiotherapist and pushing into providing first class injury rehabilitation within the sporting realm.

He has worked with many high-level teams and athletes including the Cook Islands Rugby League World Cup squad, Canterbury Cup Wentworthville Leagues Rugby League squad and many record holding Powerlifting and Strongman athletes.

Tom believes that recovering from injury is a process of not only restoring pain free movement and performance but also pushing athletes to improve past what they were prior to injury, to be able to hit new heights after. He does this by looking at how the sportsperson moves as a whole in order to find find the underlying factors relating to the issue (strength, flexibility, mobility, control). He will then specifically target them through the rehab stages.

5 questions to get to know Tom better?

Favourite Sports Teams: Boston Celtics and Parramatta Eels
Sporting Highlight:Being a part of the Cook Islands qualifying for the Rugby League World Cup
Favourite Book: Mans Search for Meaning – Victor Frankl
Next life goal: Buy a house
Guilty Pleasure: Playing computer games