Working at Precision Athletica as an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist certainly has its perks. Being able to analyse movement competency, assess biomechanics, identify muscle imbalances are just some of the many things that I do. There is one particular test however that I look forward to assessing above all – the VO2max test.

Elite athletes know that VO2max testing is the gold standard way of measuring cardio fitness. It is an extremely challenging test both physically and mentally.  The great thing about the test is that it is able to accurately determine components of cardio fitness such as:

    • Peak oxygen consumption
    • Calories burned at different heart rates
    • Anaerobic and anaerobic thresholds
    • Max heart rate tolerance
    • Target heart rate intensity zones

From the results, specific heart rate training zones can be determined for the assessed. This will assist in enhancing training programs and improve performance quickly.

Many people would recognise the VO2max test as an exclusive test for elite endurance athletes. However, we have used this test on many other types of athletes such as triathletes, recreational runners, even golfers.

Whether your goal is to enhance your fitness, lose weight, burn fat, or even strategically plan out a marathon run, the VO2max test will help you achieve your results! Or perhaps you want to try and beat Precision Athletica’s VO2max record?

For bookings and queries contact us on 02 97645787. Or click here to find out more about the VO2max test at Precision Athletica.


Jason Oei

(Senior Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist)