The Ultimate Runners Warm up (In Under 10 Minutes)

A proper running warm up routine can mean the difference between a painful and potentially injury prone run, and a free-flowing enjoyable sprint.

Many of us are time poor and the commitment to getting out of the door for a run is effort enough.

We know how tempting it is to just shoot out the door at top speed, foregoing a running warm up in the interest of saving time, however we’d strongly encourage you to re-think that plan and in just a few minutes, build into your session this awesome (quick) runners warm up.

To cover the logic, if you start out too fast, you risk pulling a muscle, tweaking a tendon or getting into a running pace that you simply can’t sustain. Outcome? You end up burning out before you’re done with your run and feeling as though you underachieved – probably you’ll then dread the next run in your schedule.

Why do we as runners warm up? Simply, we want to give our muscles and joints a chance to loosen up, we want to slowly start to elevate our heart rate and we want the body to start to feel energised and as though it’s getting into a rhythm that will help us clock off those important km’s.

To make warming up as easy as possible for you, Precision Athletica sports scientist and passionate runner, Justin Trang, has developed this great runners warm up that can be completed in UNDER 10 minutes.

Follow along as Justin shows you how to combine mobility and activation exercises, all relevant to running and aimed at getting you ready to blast out of the front door, with reduced injury concerns and an increased focused on enjoying your freedom and time outdoors.

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