High Performance Tennis

The Tennis Program at Precision Athletica has evolved through our work with elite juniors through to tour professionals, we deliver significant results for players in the areas of athletic development, increased on-court power and speed, coupled with the reduced likelihood of injury.

We know that when players, parents and coaches begin working with us, their primary focus is on two areas:

  • Increased performance
  • Decreased injury prevelance

We know that can only happen through building a thourogh understanding of the players physical strengths, weaknesses, schedule and lifestyle demands. Once we have a complete picture of the player, our expert team can individualise programs to target the players weak areas and enhance already strong assests.

Great players do not become great overnight, it’s the result of having a great work ethic supported by a team that has the knowledge, experience and skill-set to properly develop and deliver the most effective long-term athletic development plan for the individual.

It’s widely accepted that the game has significantly evolved in the last 30 years. The modern player is now required to be highly mobile and physical. Players need to use to their legs to create power, they need to be able to get low to shots, move quickly in all directions, hold good posture through their strokes and be able to react quickly to get into position.

Here are Precision Athletica we understand the needs of the modern player and have come up with a program that precisely identifies areas of the players body which need to be developed for long-term success.

The Tennis Program at Precision Athletica is headed by Exercise Physiologist and Certified Tennis Performance Specialist Jason Oei, supported by Tennis Physiotherapist, Joe Marincel. Both are former players with coaching experience and a great passion for the sport.

When coming to Precision Athletica for the Tennis Program, players start by going through a detailed mobility evaluation to assess areas of the body with limitations and a need to move better (this will particularly target your shoulders, spine and hips) so you can move more effectively on the court.

Next, you will go through a control assessment to analyse tennis specific movement patterns and biomechanics (squats, lunges, rotation and single leg movements). It is impossible to ask your body to perform faster and stronger if you have no foundation of mobility and control.

Through collaboration our team begins to build an optimised and individualised program, programs also incorporating strength and conditioning, nutrition, even elements of mindflow if required.

Our Tennis Program aims to create a bulletproof tennis player by laying strong foundations of mobility and control. We believe our approach provides players with a better chance to reach their full playing potential, play longer and play harder, with fewer long-term injury break downs.