Staying Sharp – In-Season Strength and Conditioning

A solid pre-season can set an athlete apart from their competition and keep a team poised to dominate the upcoming season, however this does not complete the high-performance puzzle as the season progresses.

There is still room within a season to continue to progress your athletic profile to stay sharp and mitigate injury, which in turn improves overall performance which is the overarching goal of any training undertaken by an athlete or team.

As a preface, increasing your total training load as a season begins is not appropriate, so the ability to maintain athletic progression initially forms within appropriate progressive loading over a period.

in season strength training


Maintaining sport specific strength and conditioning throughout a season significantly reduces your risk of injury, particularly when a physiotherapist is involved in your S&C process as they are here at Precision Athletica.

This allows for seamless delivery of strength and rehabilitation training to not only remain injury free but to continue to develop as an athlete. Robustness is a key buzz word being used in the S&C space amongst coaches and clinicians and is simply the ability to handle load.

If you can increase your ability to handle load, your robustness, not only are you injured less often but you increase your overall availability to train and improve your athletic profile more often and at a higher critical intensity than someone who is less robust.

Athletic Potential

There is still room week to week to develop as an athlete during a season without jeopardising performance. Similarly to technical and skill work, the ‘use it or lose it’ concept applies to S&C adaptations that have been gained across a preseason and these physiological capacities require a level of attention within the weekly cycle of competition.

These capacities are sport and individual dependent however range from high-speed running volumes such as maximal velocity running to anatomical adaptations such as musculotendinous stiffness.

While these capacities differ in their overall impact on an athlete’s load, the appropriate planning during a season schedule can effectively include desired physical capacities and ensure these improve and optimise performance.

Want To Know More

This is an introduction to the concept of staying sharp and strength training during the season.

If you would like to know more or to start training to improve your in-season / pre-season / post-season performance, please contact our Strength Coaches including Dylan Bennett, who wrote this article.

How Do I Book An Appointment with Precision Athletica for Help?

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