Sam Drummond

Sam Drummond | Strength Coach Precision Athletica

Sam Drummond

Strength & Conditioning


A lifelong sports fan, Sam has always had a keen involvement in sport, whether through his own participation in competition, or through facilitating the physical preparation of others.

With a passion for improving attributes that allow the full expression of an athlete’s skill, Sam has carved out a career that has seen him work with athletes of all levels. Taking a long-term athletic development approach with his athletes, he ensures that improvements are sustainable and allow continual development throughout one’s career. This includes strength, power, speed and motor control.

While the physiological benefits of physical preparation are clear, Sam is also a firm believer in the profound effects purposeful training can have on one’s personal development. With the goal of becoming better every day, Sam believes that those he works with will not only become better athletes, but better humans.

5 questions to get to know Sam better?

Favourite Sports Teams: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 
Sporting Highlight: Coaching and being involved with the team you’ve supported your whole life wasn’t too bad
Favourite Book: Atomic Habits – James Clear
Next life goal: Buying a property with my partner, Cherice
Guilty Pleasure:Married at First Sight…