Reusable Face Mask Designed for Performance

With summer fast approaching and many of us wishing to wear face masks as part of our Covid safety plans, the question of which face mask is most suitable for performance, is becoming more pressing. 

Nobody wants to spend summer sweating under a mask, and for sportspeople we want to be able to combine safety with an edge of performance, meaning fit, comfort, weight and breathability are pressing factors to consider. 

So, in a search for a reusable option that offers both comfort and protection in the heat, we’re excited to showcase Precision Athletica performance partner SParms and their highly recommended options. 

Reusable Face Mask Designed for Performance

When it comes to the quality and performance of SParms reusable face masks, don’t just take our word for it. The company was recently featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, as the go to option when it comes to sportswear face masks. 

Sportswear Masks

SParms has long protected athletes from the sun’s harsh rays and now the company wants to help protect you against COVID-19 and other nasties.

Mimi Lee, the founder of the Aussie Sportswear company now making sun-safe masks, said her company has found a way to make masks safe and comfortable.

Ms Lee said whether you’re out in a group of people, playing sport, in the car or on public transport, the face masks her company manufactures are suitable for all sorts of activities.

SP Arms Reusable Face Mask

“We really found the need to find a way we can make a mask that is going to be comfortable, cooling and breathable and that’s what we specialise in doing at SParms,” Ms Lee said.

“Everything we have is SPF 50+, so we’re not wearing it for sun protection but it’s an added benefit to our masks.”

But while the masks may look and feel good, they’re not medical grade and only have two layers, while the recommended protection standard is three.

Keep In Mind

According to health experts, having good protection is more important indoors than outdoors. So choose a mask that’s triple-layered (and light coloured, to help you stay cool), and it won’t hurt to carry a spare when you’re out in the sun.

The SParms face masks, whilst not medical grade, are a very attractive option for athletes who train outdoors and not necessarily in constant close proximity to others.

Save With Precision Athletica

Precision Athletica is an existing performance partnered with sun protection clothing specialists SParms, and similarly to providing Precision Athletica followers with a discount on their market leading sun protection clothing, we’re also pleased to extent that discount to their reusable performance face masks.

Available upon request, the Precision Athletica discount code provides a 15% discount on any order through the SParms website. The Precision Athletica team all wear these products and we only recommend them as we personally believe in the quality and benefits that they provide (they look awesome too).

Stay safe.

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