We are pumped to introduce our new “Athlete Management System”, which will not just take out the guess work of what our athletes are doing outside of Precision Athletica, but also allows us to:

  • Monitor and display your progress
  • Connect you with our wide range of athletes from different sports
  • Better assist in delivering your goals of improved performance and becoming better athletes

Training is a repetative process, monitoring this process is essential to making the training meaningful and keeping it on track.

The most effective training programs we’ve seen are implemented with built-in monitoring systems, hence our belief that this is a vital step forward for us.

Consistency in training is key and collecting data increases training effectiveness. The more consistent the feedback of the athlete, the more meaningful the information will be. Monitoring training allows both us and the athlete to reconcile what was planned for training and what was achieved.

About the System:

We have partnered with 360 Athlete to deliver what we firlmy believe to be the best product for our athletes.

Being able to individualize every athletes program and training schedule based on their mobility screening and training progress allows us to communicate effectively with our athletes on a daily basis.

This new system enables to to do a host of vital tasks, from monitoring the quality of someone’s recovery to assessing their new strength gains through max strength tests.

The system assists us in staying on track and delivering high quality coaching to all our athletes and is now being rolled out to all full Precision Athletica members.

Speak to any of our team on your next visit to find out more.