Kelsey Hutton

Kelsey Hutton

Kelsey Hutton

Performance Dietitian


Kelsey is an Accredited Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Level 1 Anthropometrist. She is the current Sports Dietitian for the NSW Waratahs Super Rugby Team, Women’s and Academy teams, as well as our Sports Dietitian here at Precision Athletica working with our wide range of athletes from various sports.

Kelsey has always been passionate about how important nutrition is for everyone and turned this into a career as a sports dietitian so she could help others learn to love food and its role in optimising performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Appointments with Kelsey provide our athletes with an in depth nutrition analysis, body composition analysis (anthropometry), individualised advice and personalised nutrition education to further improve their performance and excel in their goals.

5 questions to get to know Kelsey better:

Favourite sports team: GWS Giants
Sporting highlight: Playing footy at Spotless Stadium
If she wasn’t a Sports Dietitian she would be: Chef
Favourite food: Too many! Salmon, broccolini, hot chips and burgers
Favourite book: Scar tissue – Anthony Kiedis