Cameron Davis on winning the Australian Open

It would be fair to say that a Sunday spent chasing down a field of experienced professional golfers that included five PGA Tour winners and two past World Number One players, all to win your home country’s biggest professional title, could be considered a little life changing.

Take that impressive feat and put it on the end of your first season in professional golf, where you’ve spent half of the year toiling on an unfamiliar Canadian Tour, miles from your home and usual routine, and you could say it’s an unlikely scenario.

Unlikely or not, that is exactly what young Sydney golfer Cameron Davis did and whilst the picture of him lifting the Australian Open trophy is one everyone at Precision Athletica will always cherish, it’s reward for a huge talent that we’ve been privileged to see up close for many years now.

Back home between tournaments, we sat down with our champion golfer to discuss that incredible Sunday at the Australian Golf Club, his experiences from his first year ‘on tour’, and what advice he would offer the next crop of talented players who have their sights set on a career in the paid ranks of golf.

From the key differences between top level amateur golf and professional play, to how it’s Cameron’s mistakes that have taught him the most in his first year, this is a very honest and open assessment of his experiences to date and feedback Cameron hopes will genuinely help other young players striving to follow him onto the pro circuit.

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