How to Make Home Exercises Harder With No Equipment

Gyms are closed, your favourite squat rack is locked away and now you’re wondering how to make exercise harder at home when you don’t have any equipment.

During these unusual times, we know how important exercise is and despite the strict distancing regulations being implemented by our government, exercise is still heavily encouraged.

Gyms and fitness centres have closed, so we find ourselves going to our local park or doing home based exercise programs to fuel our health and exercise needs. Now the problem with this situation is that most of us, we find it difficult to create exercise intensity with little to no gym equipment available.

How To Make Home Exercises Harder

Rest assured this does not have to be the case! You simply need to be a little more creative and with that said, we’re here to help! Check out our Top 5 Tips below…

How to Make Exercises Harder with Little to No Equipment

1 – Increase the Time Muscles Are Under Tension

Most strength exercises can be made more intense through slowing down or holding your repetitions. For example with your push up, if you’re aiming for 10 reps, focus on lowering down for 2 seconds and coming back up for 2 seconds. This will create 40 seconds of work and will fatigue your muscles way faster!

2 – Limit Your Rest

Most people when training in the gym take their time between sets. Force yourself to limit how much rest you take. Due to our muscles not being loaded with as much external weight, they do not require so much rest to recover for your next set.

3 – Interval Training

Studies have shown that 3 x week of interval training can deliver the similar results to 60mins of cardio training performed 5 x week.

4 – Be Creative With Adding Load

Most people have simple equipment at home such as a TRX, exercise bands, and light dumbbells. But simple household things like textbooks, a backpack, suitcases, water bottles, chairs, and tables can be super helpful. Try performing your squat while wearing a backpack filled with all your heavy textbooks!

5 – Include Body Weight Explosive Movements

Your heart rate will immediately elevate once you include body weight explosive movements. Ever heard of burpees, skaters, high knees or mountain climbers? Mix one or more of these in your routine and see what we mean…

If you would like to go a step further, we’ve created a FREE 14 Day Home Workout Program that has been specifically designed by us, to do from home with no gym equipment involved. To access the free program, simply go to the following registration page:

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Was written by Precision Athletica Head of Exercise Physiology, Jason Oei. If you have any questions for Jason, please email them through to him, alternatively you can also book online consultations with Jason and he can help you without you needing to leave your home!

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