Athletes, how do you know if you’ve trained enough or trained too much? What is the right amount of training if you’re looking to become an elite athlete, professional sportsperson, or simply improve in your sport?

At Precision Athletica, we have a tried and tested approach to developing training programs for athletes, training programs that will fast track their athletic development and ensure the athletes don’t under train or over train.

However, if you’re out their alone and trying to work out the best approaches to training in order to fulfil your gym or sporting goals, we wanted to provide you with some food for though…

In the video above, we caught up with Precision Athletica – Mindflow Coach, Mat Howe to get a very simple mental strategy to consider helping you decide and then stick to training the right amount for you.

We know that if you don’t have a training plan in mind, it’s easy to feel a need to do a little more, or beat yourself up if you feel like you’ve had a slow week, so watch the video and see if Mat’s very simple idea could be a starting point for you in answering the common question: how much training is too much.


If you liked this video and would like to discuss your own training and how Precision Athletica can help you in your development, you can now schedule a free 15 strategy call with our High-Performance team by clicking this link


Or if you would like some other great ideas to consider, ideas that might help you in your training and athletic development, you can download our guide to the: 10 Key Habits of Elite Athletes, by clicking this link

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