High-performance is for every golfer

The high-performance golf program at Precision Athletica combines our team’s holistic approach and experience across all sports, with decades of golf specific knowledge, to be able to effectively work with players of all ages, levels and abilities, creating actionable plans specifically targeted at unlocking a player’s maximum potential.

No matter if the goal is getting back on the course post injury, playing pain free or winning on the PGA Tour, Precision Athletica has the program, team and capabilities unmatched in delivering High-Performance Golf.

In recent times, we’ve added the Performance Studio and Swing Catalyst Force Plate to our arsenal of tools, this addition has enabled us to expand what we can offer golfers in terms of assessment, feedback and individualised training plans.

As we are continually developing our golf program and finding new ways to unlock the athletic potential of players at all stages in the game, we want to be able to provide an increased level of access to our knowledge.

Here are three ways we utilise the Swing Catalyst technology:

Performance Enhancement
Swing Catalyst allows us to measure swing dynamics objectively and give specific feedback to golfers about how to improve relevant aspects of their swing.  We are then able to coordinate with the golfer’s coach to integrate the findings from the swing catalyst assessment into their development to fast track improvements.

Injury Assessment
Using the Swing Catalyst pressure plate and associated high-speed cameras, we are able to objectively measure how the golfer is interacting with the ground, as well as how this relates to movement patterns and the resultant forces through their body. This takes the guesswork out of determining the real cause of a golf related injury, and therefore makes management and rehabilitation more efficient.

Athletic Assessment
We are able to utilise the Swing Catalyst technology to assess how an athlete moves and loads their body. This allows a more in depth understanding of the athletes needs and improves the specificity of subsequent programs to get the best results for the athlete. This will facilitate efficient performance enhancement processes as well as reducing risk of injury.

With all of this in mind, we’re pleased to inform you that we have just created a new YouTube channel: Golf at Precision Athletica. This channel will grow to become the home of our golf content and a source of education, reference and inspiration for our golf athletes, their coaches and anyone out there looking to improve their physical ability to play this great game.

If you are a golfer, no matter your age, ability or athletic background, we would love for you to visit the page, and through it we hope to be able to help you on your own journey to better, healthier and happier golf.

For anyone with questions about our golf program or wishing to come in and work with us in person, please contact our Head of Golf, Matt Green or book online below.