Starting November 1st and 3rd, Precision Athletica will be running weekly Golf Fitness classes designed and delivered by Golf NSW Trainer Jackson Privett.

Classes will be divided by age with Monday night classes being open to junior golfers under the age of 15 and Wednesday night classes for those 15 and over.

There is no age limit and sessions will be tailored to challenge all of those in attendance, no matter their age, golfing ability or fitness level.

Golf Fitness Class

You do not need to be a Precision Athletica member to attend classes, however you do need to sign up to the 8 week block in advance. Classes work out at $25 per session and will run for 1 hour, starting at 6pm.

To find out more about the classes, ask any questions and sign up if interested, please contact Precision Athletica Trainer Jackson Privett:

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