Have you always wanted to run the Sydney Half Marathon but thought it was too far for you? Are you an existing runner that can’t progress past your current plateau? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, the Precision Athletica Eight Week Running Program is for you!

Designed for runners who have already got a reasonable base level running fitness (currently able to run 10kms), but who feel that they are ready to step up their distances, or who love their numbers and are looking for an extra edge to enhance their performance.

Our program combines sports science, tailored interval training and specific training zones, with a mix of individual running mechanics and running strength based training.

Places in the latest program have recently opened and now is the ideal time to register, with this years Sydney Half Marathon taking place on May 17th, 2020.

Athlete Sprint Testing - Precision Athletica
What the Program Includes
  • Lactate Testing – prior to the eight week training block, we’ll get you in to go through blood lactate testing on the treadmill. This testing is to identify appropriate training zones and intensities. We correlate the data with your heart rate, to achieve more accurate run pacing.
  • Run Programming – using the data collected during the testing, we will provide individualised run programming to fit your current aerobic profile. Programs will involve 2 blocks of 4 weeks, focussing on building an aerobic base, speed work and run strength.
  • Running Mechanics and Running Strength Training – to compliment your running, we will look to build a better athletic foundation through stability and strength work. This part of your program will be split in two four-week blocks, first with our Exercise Physiologists and secondly with our Strength Coaches. We aim to build stronger runners for injury prevention and enhances athletic performance.
Athlete Lactate Testing - Precision Athletica
Is Blood Lactate Testing Only Required at the Elite Level

Elite level athletes use blood lactate testing to find small extra gains in their performance, however there is also a case to be made for why amateur athletes may get even more benefits from the test, given their increased room for improvements.

By dialling in specific training zones, blood lactate testing helps us use evidence based exercise prescription to achieve the most out of your training sessions.

If I Don’t Fit the Criteria Above, Should I Still Sign Up

This edition of the Precision Athletica Running Program has been designed to get runners from their current aerobic status to the Sydney Half Marathon. However, if you are simply looking to become a better recreational runner, we can tailor it to your different goals.

If your running base is currently very low, we do need to caution that you may not get half marathon ready in time for the Sydney Half Marathon – distance runners are not made overnight.

But, who doesn’t like a challenge – we do!!

Guide to Dates

The program can be tailored to fit each runner’s schedule, however as a guide it is expected to run:

  • Testing Week: 16th-21st March
  • Training Block 1: 23rd March – 19th April
  • Training Block 2: 20th April – 17th May (Race Day)

This eight week program is $899 per person, however you can claim back money through your health fund for all sessions except those done with our Strength Coaches.

Included in the price is:

  • Blood Lactate Testing
  • 8 one-on-one sessions at Precision Athletica (4 with Strength Coaches and 4 with Exercise Physiologist¬† – Justin Trang)
  • 8 interval running sessions at Precision Athletica, overseen by Justin Trang
  • Individualised home running program

The program can be paid in full or weekly – for those paying in full, you will not be able to claim back on your health fund until after the eight weeks is complete.

Justin Trang - Running Coach
Sign Up

The program will be overseen and run by Precision Athletica Exercise Physiologist – Justin Trang.

To register or ask any specific questions, please contact Justin either via email: justin.t@precisionathletica.com.au or by calling the centre on: 02 9764 5787

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