Checking in with Sami Kennedy-Sim and Troy Moses

At Precision Athletica we’re honored and privileged to work with so many great athletes and individuals and we like nothing more than hearing about their success on the big stage. But, for every trophy, medal and podium comes the unseen hours of hard work and dedication.

With Sydney temperatures dropping and the dark nights settled in, we caught up with two of our athlete ambassadors to find out what they have been up too and what’s next on their competitive horizons.

This month’s catch up is with Australian Olympic Skier; Sami Kennedy-Sim, and up and coming Australian Golf Professional; Troy Moses. With the obvious differences between a traditionally winter sport and a summer one, we were interested to see the differences and similarities in schedules and training focus.

Firstly, what’s been happening lately in each of your worlds?

Sami – I have been training 2-3 sessions a day, 5-6 days a week as of late. When I am not training, I am doing recovery sessions, having physio or spending time with my family. I have been doing some exciting things with some media outlets and I have also been volunteering for a charity to keep busy!

Troy – Recently the golf has slowed down a lot for me. Winter is very quiet for golf in Australia but a good chance to have a break. I have just had a few weeks off golf and have begun with some good work in the gym. Now the batteries are recharged I’m back to golf and looking to make some solid progress over the next month before events kick off again in August.

With a schedule that takes you all around the globe, what travel is on the horizon?

Sami – I’m in Sydney for two more weeks mixing my training between Narrabeen and NSWIS/Precision Athletica at Homebush. After that I head down to Jindabyne to get back on my skis.

Troy – My focus this year is to retain my Australian tour card so I will be mainly staying in Australia to focus on that and resisting the chance to go too far afield. I am considering my options for Asian Q School at the end of 2017/early 2018.

What is next in the schedule – when do comps start?

Sami – I have a couple of competitions in Australia in August, then head to Europe for some more training in September. I’m home for roughly three weeks in late October before flying back to Europe and the start of the World Cup Tour in late November!

Troy – My next event will be the Fiji International which is played in August. From then the schedule gets very busy with the last event being played early December. I’ve managed to get re-ranked after a good start to the year and I’m now really looking forward to playing in the Australian Open for the first time which is at the end of November.

So with all that in mind, what’s the focus of your training at the moment?

Sami – I have been in a strength block lately. I am trying to build my strength as much as possible so that in the next few weeks I can enter a more explosive phase. Working so that the strength can be transferred into more sport specific training later down the track. (Side note… Strength block means mostly strength training.. During these periods I still have a large focus on my aerobic conditioning! Lots of Bike and running!)

Troy – My current focus on training is on my upper body rotation to help get a better turn in my backswing. Something I have always struggled with. This means a lot of dry drills from Matt Green with bands to get the correct feeling of a good turn. Strength and Conditioning work from Nils and targeted stability work from Jason will also help me improve in this area. With the schedule quiet over winter it’s a great chance for me to improve on some weaknesses.

Thanks to both of these legends for their time and openness, it’s great to see Troy re-ranked and straight into all the big tour events for the rest of the year, equally we’re all bursting with excitement to see Sami back on the slopes and heading into battle over in Europe.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of both ambassadors along with many of our other top athletes. For more up to date progress reports and insights, why not follow both Sami and Troy via their Facebook pages!

If you wish to ramp up your training in line with the work done by our ambassadors, make sure you get in touch with our expert team of high performance specialists.