Amanda McCredie

Amanda McCredie Sports Dietitian

Amanda McCredie

Sports Dietitian


Amanda is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Level 1 Anthropometrist.

Having worked with athletes of all backgrounds from Elite (GWS Giants, Australian
Rugby Sevens, Australian Institute of Sport, Penrith Panthers NRL and is currently working
with the Australian Women’s Rowing Team and most recently the NSW Swifts), through to
the dedicated weekend warrior tri-athlete, marathon runner, swimmers and fitness fanatics
Amanda is very experienced helping clients to increase their nutrition and performance nutrition for that extra edge.

Amanda has always played and loved sport from a young age and with a Sports Science
degree combined with her passion and enthusiasm for all things food and nutrition she
loves nothing more than educating her clients on the practicality of nutrition to help athletes
achieve their performance goals.

5 questions to get to know Amanda better?

Favourite Sports Team: Thats a hard one as I have worked with lots of teams ….. Growing up I was an avid Cricket Australia follower as well as The North Sydney Bears. These days I love to watch the Penrith Panthers who I worked for for 2 years, as well as The Women’s Australian Rowing team who I currently work for. I literally love ALL sport!
Sporting Highlight: Seeing Cathy Freeman win gold in the 400m at the Sydney Olympics 2000.
If she wasn’t a Sports Dietitian, she would be: A PE Teacher
Favourite Food: Again a very hard one seeing as I talk and breath food everyday!!! And this is going to sound weird but lemon yoghurt with Peanut Butter is delicious!!
Favourite Book:  April Fool’s Day by Byrce Courtney