Pete Magner

Pete Magner - Precision Athletica

Pete Magner

Physiotherapist and Founder


Founder, CEO, Lead Physio and 24/7 source of energy and drive, Pete is not just the leader of Precision Athletica, he’s the heart and soul of the organisation (plus he’s everyone’s first choice for a dinner party or social gathering).

A skilled rugby player in his younger days, Pete epitomises the benefits of living young. With spring, his zest for life and energy for playing with his two daughters, Pete is driven to support all of the athletes he works with as if they were his own family.

5 questions to get to know Pete better?

Favourite Sports Team:  
Sporting Highlight: 
Favourite Book:
Family: Wife Lisa and daughter’s Bianca and Jasmine
Guilty Pleasure: Doughnuts