Nicola Mepstead

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Nicola Mepstead

Sports Physiotherapist


Nicola joins the Precision Athletica team with a wealth of Sports and Musculoskeletal experience behind her. She has been the Senior Physiotherapist at Cricket NSW for the past four years, working with elite NSW and Australian cricketers. During this time, she has piloted several research projects and developed programs for elite female athletes, helping them transition from an amateur status to professional athletes.

Prior to Cricket NSW, Nicola worked across a variety of High-Performance teams, including NSW Gymnastics, NSW Hockey, NSW Athletics and Youth Australian teams. Enjoying all aspects of sport, she has also worked extensively with amateur/ semi-professional athletes in Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, Ironman and endurance events.

Her love of learning and desire to continue expanding her knowledge base has lead Nicola to complete a Masters in both Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She is also the Chairperson of the NSW Sports & Exercise Committee, a subgroup of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Through this, Nicola advises on advocacy and professional development issues pertinent to the profession.

Nicola is passionate about helping athletes of all standards, ages and fitness achieve their full potential. Being an avid sports-fan herself, she has the experience of participating in many different sports and understands both the love of competing and the ambition to improve oneself in their chosen pursuit.

Combining her extensive experience, her knowledge and a drive to help people, she will assess each individual thoroughly and work with them, plus all the other expert staff at Precision Athletica, to rehabilitate, improve performance and support each individual to achieve their goals.